About Us

Who we are:

Modern Arab Communications (MAC) was formed to act as a solution provider for its business partners in the Enterprise and office environments.

MAC is built on the founding principles of a customer centric organization geared to creating an environment where value-adding and service are our core competencies. Our partners, resellers, suppliers and consumers are an integral part of our philosophy. 
The partners and the staff in MAC have been in the communication industry for over 30 years in various functions and roles, and have extensive experience from as broad a field as technical, engineering, channel management, pricing, business development and account management functions.
Telecommunications and the evolution of modern business have created a highly flexible and extremely rigorous working environment that demands and expects:

1. Ease in acquisition (Pre-sales excellence). 
2. Ease in deployment (execution excellence). 
3. Ease in maintenance (after-sales excellence). 

The success of MAC is pillared on these three excellence functions.

MAC is the official agent for the following companies:

1. GN Netcom - Jabra CC&O headsets - Through its Jabra brand, GN is the global industry leader in headset solutions. The Jabra product range is sold in over 70 countries worldwide and incorporates the latest in headset design and innovation – from wireless and corded headsets for office-based and contact centre professionals to Bluetooth headsets and mobile music accessories. GN's business activities also include its original equipment manufacturing (OEM) business. GN has over 130 years of personal communications expertise. 

2. Eventide , a well-known American company who has an extensive range of Digital Voice Logging recorders with its powerful software , Instant Recall recorders and accessories that are used by Call Centre’s all around the world. 

MAC also is the distributor for many other Broadcast systems and equipment through its sister company Egypt Plus. Additionally MAC has a very strong access to the regional technology hub of Dubai through its affiliations with its affliate Quantum Solutions Trading based in the DMCC.

MAC's Customer Promise:

At MAC we are committed to provide best in class service to our customers in terms of a total and complete point of interaction for their needs entailing – technological consulting, procurement, importation, distribution, and after sales service.